Bastl Modular Revealed – HRTL performs on 95HP bastl skiff

sound in the video is straigth recording from the modular without any post processing (hihat panning in the stereo is also from the modular)

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performed by HRTL:
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modules used for the video:
2x QUATTRO FIGARO (10hp) – quad vca + cv invertors + mixing
1x KNIT RIDER (16hp) – 6 voice trigger / gate sequencer
2x GRANDPA (5HP) – granular sampler
2x TEA KICK (5hp) – more than just a bass drum
2x NOISE SQUARE (5HP) – noise and square source
2x SKIS (5HP) – dual decay + vca
1x LITTLE NERD (6HP) – trigger / gate processor
1x ABC (5HP) – 6 channel mixer
1x SPAGHETTI (4hp) – inverter, buffered multiple, unity mix
2x MULTIPLE (2HP) – passive multiple