Positive Grid – Introducing Bias Distortion

Positive Grid – Introducing Bias Distortion

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  • Design your own distortion pedal via BIAS Pedal App (PC/MAC/iOS) at the most detailed level
  • Tone Match any ‘real world’ distortion pedal via BIAS Pedal Desktop App
  • Includes a free license of BIAS Pedal Desktop App (PC/MAC)
  • High-quality presets included based on most famous pedal circuit layouts
  • Share and Download distortion pedals from Positive Grid ToneCloud
  • Total of 20 presets storable on BIAS Distortion pedal
  • Additional Boost function with three selectable types (Treble, Clean, Fat)
  • MIDI In/Thru DIN connectors
  • Powers via included USB charger (multi-nation travel adapter)
  • True or Buffer Bypass mode selectable


Best Regards,Positive Grid Europe Team

Positive Grid is a world leading developer of professional digital audio software and hardware. including Bias FX (the world’s first cross-platform, amp and effects processor) and Bias Amp (accurate, thorough and versatile guitar-amp modeler and designer). They focus on solid tools for working musicians, with beautiful interface and cutting edge technology.
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Introducing Positive Grid – BIAS Distortion

BIAS Distortion is a distortion/overdrive pedal that will give you the best analog sounding distortion tone with cutting edge technology. It allows you to virtually design your own distortion pedal in ways never before possible via BIAS Pedal mobile and desktop app, share and download distortion pedals from ToneCloud, plus Tone Match any ‘real world’ distortion pedals.