Courtney Barnett : Kim’s Caravan

Taken from the LP: « Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit » – out through Milk! Records, Marathon Artists, and Mom+Pop

« Kim’s Caravan » will be released as a limited edition 12″ for Record Store Day 2015. Go find it at your local record store.

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Clip by Bec Kingma –

Director – Bec Kingma

Producer – Anna Kojevnikov

1st AD – Tess Hall

DOP – Joshua Aylett

1st AC – Thomas Formosa-Doyle

2nd Unit Camera – Jenson Cope

Prod Design – Bec Kingma

Art Dept – Kim Hauxwell

Art Dept – Carolin Saan

Armorer/sfx – Clint Dodd

Underwater DOP – Wes Greene

Gaffer/Grip – Alex Wu

Grip – Angus Johnstone

MoVI Op – Daniel De Silva

Wardrobe Assistant – Sally Cheng

Production Assistant – Alana Hunt

Editor – Ariel Shaw

Colorist – Kali Bateman

Runner – Richard Helder

KIM’S CARAVAN was written by Courtney Barnett

Watermarks on the ceiling

I can see Jesus and he’s frowning at me

I see a dead seal on the beach

The old man says he’s already saved it three times this week

Guess it just wants to die

I would wanna die too

With people putting oil into my air

But to be fair, I’ve done my share

Guess everybody’s got their different point of view

I was walking down Sunset Strip,

Phillip Island, not Los Angeles

Got me some hot chips and a cold drink

Took a sandy seat on the shore

There’s a paper on the ground,

it makes my headache quite profound

As I read it out aloud

It said « The Great Barrier Reef it ain’t so great anymore

It’s been raped beyond belief, the dredgers treat it like a whore »

I drank ’til I was sinking, sank ’til I was thinking

That I’m thankful for this view

We either think that we’re invincible or that we are invisible

When realistically we’re somewhere in between

We all think that we’re nobody but everybody is somebody else’s somebody

Don’t ask me what I really mean

I am just a reflection

Of what you really wanna see

So take what you want from me

So take what you want from me

Satellites on the ceiling

I can see Jesus and she’s smiling at me

All I wanna say is…