Hindi Zahra : Homeland

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Following the success of her first album, ‘Handmade‘, Hindi Zahra‘s second album sounds like a homecoming. The musician settled down alone in a ryad in Marrakech, Morocco, to start the songwriting of the well-named ‘Homeland‘; and finished its recording in a studio in Paris. Between these two milestones: a 2-year initiatory journey, in which Hindi Zahra travelled in Cuba, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Andalusia… An met musicians from all horizons, like the Tuareg guitarist Bombino or the Brazilian drummer Ze Luis Nascimiento.

Thus, this album can be seen as a travel diary, talking about trance, adventures and rythms from elsewhere… Let’s be carried away by this solar extract, ‘Any Story‘, shot at the Parisian Concert Hall La Flèche d’Or !