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Produced by Kno
Directed by Jason-Christopher Mayer
Director of Photography: Adam Eurich
Model: Angel Del Rey

From the release « Phantom Limbs » due 08.11.2015 on Dirty Decibels Records

I love you, I’m an addict, you’re in my attic,
The flowers that I grew for you still bloom into the patterns,
I listen to the dissonance but all I hear is static,
All I see is technicolor, everything is plastic,
man I can get down when the mannequins surround,
But you’re magic, casting a spell, hell’s sporadic
Telepathic, tell me your telling habits,
Sell me a single spark & help me up from the ashes,
Phoenix-bulimic, the acid-
Rain-dances splatter upon the canvases,
I feel ecstatic, you’re enigmatic,
my Alabama, so we have to go wreak some havoc,
And I can be your Clarence declaring that we can have it,
True Romance, yea it’s feast or famine,
From Bi-polar to manic, it’s my solar dynamics,
But you, you are my Mecca, you’re my holy sabbatical

Verse 2:

I love you, I’m The Devil, you’re in my head though,
When I met you I knew you were something special.
And ever since been reveling in my rebel,
Im falling stars, my god you are celestial,
Back from the dead again,
That makes you revanant, I’m mental,
I meant that I’m detrimental, don’t let go,
You’re my tempo, no you’re my temple,
I’ll decorate you, I’ll make you Deco,
You’re bolder than all the petals,
And your words turn boulders into some pebbles,
peddle past… let the levels last & tread slow,
Forever ’til the breath goes,
Together in the death throes,
I’ll sing your praises, I’ll make it echo,
I’ll sink my fangs in, I’ll drain the vessels
you, you are my Mecca, you’re my loneliest headstone