CATCHY CUTE – It’s A Lake…

Catchy Cute is a pop-up band born and dead in the summer of 2013 in Toronto.

Brad, drummer from Caribou, and Camille from De La Montagne, decided to meet up several times at Brad’s attic Studio to grind coffee, play midi marimba and finally record 3 songs.

thx to :

Brad, Jared Bellenie, Pipo, Bouffy, Alti, Birly

lyrics :

On those night its a lake

between collar bones

specific places

where you’ll dig a pen in a chocking situation

2 fingers to make baby caugh

hair swimming on the flow

I will take a sip

On watever come between your teeth

floating peacefull spirit

cress river sleeping myth

specific place

legendary writers with some rocks in there pockets