Chlorine Free « Lifelines » (Free Speech 2017)

We are standing rock solid We honor this planet while we’re on it We’re the movement, more than just symbolic Like the earth rotating, can’t stop it Our way of life is symbiotic We put principes above profits They don’t care, their interests are corporate As long as they fatten their pockets But what do they know ’bout bionomics ? Nature’s about give their ass an audit Nothing good will come from it And i wish i could say it’s ironic But when the last tree is cut And the last fish poisoned by their vomit Only then they’ll shut up and agree That they cannot eat their rotten money We don’t want them pipelines, none of them pipe dreams We don’t wanna be a part of their schemes These mountains and forests, These rivers and streams They’re the blood in ours veins Our lifelines Ancestors take my hand Help me take a righteous stand They’re conquering with greed and hatred And keep messing with the sacred land But we won’t get with the program We don’t powwow on demand We don’t bowdown to the man We stick together like fam We must protect this one mother Respect all sons and all daughters But we won’t be like lambs to the slaughter On the altar of compulsive hoarders Water is life and life is water can’t be held back by brick and mortar Never cared much about borders Forward to a true world order