Deluxe – My World

From album  » Stachelight « 

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Getting through winter

Is taking forever

I’m trying to figure

Which one your breath or toes smell yeast

Maybe it’s jibber

Maybe the Eels left dreams on ma tongue

Sick little bird

I think I heard

You soiling a number with dark pointy turds

We’re drawing old patterns in chain

It’s slicing the butter real thin

You can’t keep it longer within no talk to me walk with me

After all we’ve been through

This crap isn’t new

Monsters and cycles

Constantly glued

Hold on to my words, no doubts occure, its needless to say but

You’re all my world

All my world , all of my world

Battling a thick blur

D’you see land ? No sir

It never occurred

To us we’d stay at sea so long

Maybe its idle

Maybe its meant to blow apart

I blow my nose

And check from real close

Ma quality buggors are telling me no