Medusa In My Knickers – GHOSTS (deluge)

GHOSTS (deluge) New single taken from the new album ‘Quand S’éteint Le Soleil’ BUY THE NEW ALBUM HERE: » Bandcamp (HQ) : Spotify: » Apple Music: » Deezer: » Google Play:  https://medusainmyknickers.bandcamp.c…………… » Subscribe to the channel : Video directed by Ludovic Mornand / TELL DEATH I’M BUSY Music produced by Nicolas Gasparotto  LYRICS Together walking through eternity We are shapes, wandering through a lightened city We are phantoms, invading the skyscrappers We are souls, dreaming of something better We’re looking at the night, searching for the stars We are like clones confined in their cars Being a part of this night-time traffic But little by little glows and colours fade and get sick We walk alone… We are ghosts… Crowded streets under dark city lights Still alone in this kingdom built in the dark We admire our own solitude through those frozen landscapes Then we sail with our broken wings like fallen angels We walk alone… We are ghosts… Dark city lights