Sundayman – Dandelion

Sundayman – « Dandelion »

From the album « Scene Missing ».

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Filmed & edited by Sundayman

Post production & animation by Kleopatra Korai / Lokey

Creative direction by George Manoloudis

Composed arranged and produced by Sundayman

Additional music, lyrics and vocals by George Manoloudis


Solve the riddle, haystack needle

give a little

have no words for your pretty face

you’re miles away, pretty face

a hiding place

Slow the rhythm, take a breather

dance a little

found a frame for your pretty eyes

they hypnotize, pretty eyes

a sweet disguise

Can you whistle what you’re thinking

live a little

take a break from your busy day

your wired maze, not today

your online haze

In the middle of a ribbon

stay a little

make a loop round your pretty smile

a newfound life, pretty smile

a river wild

Place a fiddle on your fingers

play a little

have a song for your pretty voice

your secret joy, pretty voice

a melting point

Take a little stroll in the woods

barefoot walk around and choose

a place you need to go and rest

dig under the leaves and make a nest