Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Ur Life One Night (Official Video)

« When we first spoke with UMO, the idea of creating something abstract yet fun, for their single ‘Ur Life, One Night’ sounded very exciting. I am deeply inspired by the quirky Indian magical-realism from our mythology and wanted to create something rooted but still visually appealing. The music lent a dream-like quality and the lyric pushed us to the motif of the Goddess being pursued, yet always being out of reach.The visual language naturally led to borrowing heavily from Traditional Asian Art including miniature paintings from the Mughal period to create multiple dreams-capes and ended up being a sexually charged riot with a fair dose of humor and symbolism. »


Director – Manoj Leonel Jahson

Cinematographer – Karthik Muthukumar

Camera Operator – Sathish Amruth

Video Producer – Shyam Sunder

Editor – Wild Sparrows Studios

VFX – Aravind N

Gaffer – Varun DK

Direction team – Sathish Raja, Xavier Peria, Lokesh Srinivasan, Balaji Venugopal

Production Design – Antony Kerly

Make-up and Styling – Studio 9696


Goddess – Tejasvee Prasanna

Tiger – T G Raju

Peacock – Sanjay Jayaraman

Horses – Varun GV, Varun Nayar

Tortoise – Ilaya Bharathi